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In person

Video mystery shopping

Video mystery shopping lets you see for yourself how your staff speak and behave while attending to customers. Using hidden recording equipment and posing as a customer, our skilled video mystery shopper will record the performance of your staff in the workplace. The resulting video report gives you a valuable insight into various aspects of your workforce – like ability, honesty and attitude – and identifies training needs. Filmed results are usually delivered on a packaged CD, DVD, or portable hard-drive in a viewing format to suit.

Report-based mystery shopping

While not as revealing as video mystery shopping, report-based mystery shopping is ideal for large scale operations where accurate data analysis is needed. Our mystery shoppers visit your premises and, acting out a pre-planned scenario, objectively assesses your staff and report the results on a scorecard. Results are usually presented as a spreadsheet and delivered by e-mail.

Retail auditing

Our Retail Auditing service gives you an instant performance update so you know whether your brand, product or company is being represented correctly at point of sale  – things like on-shelf availability and pricing, for example – and whether your instructions are being adhered to. Through impartial observations and reports, retail auditing enables you to identify issues and correct poor practice – and put your product or service back on track.

We help you devise the audit criteria, and our discreet and tactful auditors can visit your outlets and communicate with your staff, check stock levels, appearance, condition and adherence to company policy.


Telephone mystery shopping

To reveal how proficient your telephone service is, our convincing mystery callers will telephone your personnel using a pre-planned dialog scenario and assess the response, manner and quality of service. Results are recorded on a scorecard and each call is recorded in MP3 format which can be sent to you by e-mail.

Online mystery shopping

Lower prices, the ability to compare prices instantly, and a vast choice of products are just some of the reasons to shop online. But your online customers are just a click away from the competition!

If your business offers web services - whether e-commerce or a simple e-mail help desk - we can check how quickly and accurately your members of staff respond to messages, request forms and orders. You’ll get an accurate picture of the service your online customers are receiving, enabling you to make changes and boost your business!

Customer survey

Both in person and remote.

A customer survey is an excellent way to get real feedback direct from the customer. We perform our surveys using pre-designed questionnaires, either contacting your customers by phone, post or e-mail, or by performing face-to-face vox pop surveys at your premises.

Did you know

Here are a few suggestions how our products will suit your business.  The list is not exhaustive and all our solutions are bespoke to your requirements.

Video, Telephone, Auditing and Customer Surveys

High Street Retailers
Video, Report based and On-line

Video, On-line and Telephone

Report based, On-line and Customer Survey

Travel and Leisure
Video or report based, On-line and Telephone

Hotels, Pubs and Restaurants
Telephone, Report based and video

Financial Services
Video, Telephone and On-line

Public Services
Made to fit solutions whatever the service

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