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By registering with us, you are indicating your interest in working with us, but registration is not an offer of employment. If there are assignments for which we consider you suitable we will contact you.

There are several current e-mail scams using the mystery shopping industry as cover for their operations.  Often originating from a web mail account, the e-mail text mentions a legitimate company and offers large sums in advance payment for mystery shopping work.  Checkout (UK) Ltd only use shoppers registered with us and all e-mail correspondence will originate from our URL. We do not offer payment in advance.  If you have received a suspicious e-mail, do not respond, report the matter to Action Fraud  If you have suffered a financial loss because of a scam you should contact the Police.  Thanks.

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Did you know

Mystery shopping is split into two types; remote and in-person.

In person

  • Video mystery shopping
  • Report-based mystery shopping
  • Retail auditing


  • Telephone mystery shopping
  • Online mystery shopping

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